Episode 63 – Get Monked!

After last week’s disaster of a show the guys are back with a Certified Banger. Sorry about that, we’ll never have Jebailey on again.

The guys start with Darryl getting sexy and Dave getting hype. Then Dave goes into an extended retelling of his Extra Life stream for Giant Bomb, and boy, if you’re super into Until Dawn you’re in luck. Turns out that game is amazing, and they guys talk at length about it (they veer briefly into spoilerville, but you can avoid that easily enough with the timestamps below). Until Dawn is currently in the driver’s seat for GOTY.

The show gets rounded out by talking about Dave’s trip to Oculus, and friend of the show Liz sends in a quality email.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 63 – Get Monked!

Original Air Date: November 20th, 2015

3:10 – Darryl uses his sexy voice (he gets it down low).

5:45 – Dave recaps his Extra Life weekend, starting with how much Best Buy sucks.

14:45 – After some technical issues, the stream begins proper.

16:45 – Dave and Darryl begin talking about their Until Dawn play-throughs.

24:05 – They spend a moment talking about “Getting Monked.”

30:15 – The guys get into SPOILER TERRITORY for Until Dawn.

31:00 – We leave SPOILER TERRITORY.

40:35 – The guys make a Thanksgiving Break playdate.

42:30 – The stream recap continues! Onto the Steam games.

44:30 – Dave and Darryl played Ryse MP, and if you don’t like that game you are probably a bad person.

48:10 – Dave went to Facebook HQ to see his friends at Oculus. IT’S REALLY NICE.

53:30 – Email from friend of the show Liz.

2 thoughts on “Episode 63 – Get Monked!”

  1. I’m a few weeks late but if Dave desires a video capture device that doesn’t need drivers to function (Mac compatible!) look for Magewell hardware, the HDMI USB3 one is around $300. And from a previous episode, if something isn’t supported directly in OBS you need something inbetween that OBS can pull a feed from.

    Paying a little extra to be free from unreliable unstable bloat consumer-level equipment is worth every penny, it makes your life happier and longer.

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