Episode 57 – Together Again

Darryl and Dave are reunited for this episode, and the guys lay down a Certified Banger. It’s been awhile since the guys talked, so please bear with them as they spend the first five minutes of the show getting caught up on real life stuff.

Have you heard about the TeamGFB Subreddit? It’s jumping off and you should #jointheconversation. Head on over and cast your vote for the most essential episodes of Team GFB Radio.

After all that the episode starts proper, and the guys talk Orlando bars and restaurants, Star Wars Battlefield, Halo 5, Dave gives up a story about his and Adam Boyes’ early days at Midway, and then Dave resumes his recap of the Asia trip. He covers Kuala Lumpur, and most of Osaka, but somehow there’s still more Asia stories to tell. Tune into Episode 58 next week for the stunning conclusion.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 57 – Together Again

Original Air Date: October 12th, 2015

2:30 – Dave and Darryl get caught up, don’t mind us.

4:15 – The TeamGFB Subreddit is jumping off! Help us make the list of Team GFB Radio’s “Certified Bangers.”

9:30 – Dave talks about the new studio in Orlando.

12:15 – Darryl talks Star Wars Battlefront (spoiler he likes it).

15:40 – Dave starts to get hype for Halo 5.

18:50 – Dave gives up a story about his early days at Midway with Adam Boyes, and how they got into a lot of trouble because of CSI.

33:20 – Part 3 of 4 of the Asia trip report. Day 1 in KL. LET’S PLAY SOME JENGA!

45:00 – Day in KL. Changkat. Beach Club.

50:50 – Japan Vol. 2, Day 1. Travel day and Tuna dreams.

53:25 – Japan Vol. 2, Day 2, Osaka. We hit Deep Osaka with Swery, the access games crew, Baiyon, Jake from 17bit, and more!

1:02:00 – Japan Vol. 2, Day 3, Osaka. Farplane, and Keyser gets propositioned with his shirt off.


3 thoughts on “Episode 57 – Together Again”

  1. Small world. I’ve been marathoning these podcasts for the last two weeks and I know this Akira woman mentioned, saw shots of her on stage around that time on twitter (no audience shots). She’s good company but has an incredibly dirty mouth when she speaks English and a strange sense of humor, consider her a female equivalent of Egashira for a good idea.

    Osaka’s where the wild things are.

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