Episode 55 – The Loneliest-cast Part 2

While Dave is away generating future travel stories we have another Darryl solo show. Faced with this dilemma we reached out and you guys delivered! Thanks to all the CCG’s that wrote in, we have ourselves a show this week!

Team GFB Radio – Episode 55 – The Loneliest-cast Part 2

Original Air Date: September 25th, 2015

2:08 – Team GFB X-12 Minute

4:00 – Gary from Australia wants to know more about TNA wrestling.

11:33 – Anonymous asks our goals for creating engaging content and what games or franchises we’d like to see be remade.

18:40 – Colton Daniels wants to know how Darryl got roped into doing this podcast.

21:55 – Dom from Phoenix writes in for some tips on moving your family cross country.

29:15 – Jules from Fulteron wants to know how Dave and Darryl met and asks the most crucial question: whats your favorite flavor of pop-tart?

33:59 – Dom from Phoenix writes with a  backup question (cuz that’s the kind of baller he is) What’s Darryl’s backup game of choice?

38:15 – Jason from Chicago wants to know when the world will see another triple A mech game.

41:44 – Alex P wants to know how to answer the familiar question “Whats your favorite video game?”

46:47 – Matt from North Carolina wants to know if the BB-8 is worth the price tag.

49:10 – TJ from Chicago closes the show with wanting to know the best veggie burger in Chicago.

4 thoughts on “Episode 55 – The Loneliest-cast Part 2”

  1. Oh heck yeah Crimson Skies. The first and maybe only game where I played online so much I was part of a clan. Still one of my all time favorites.

    1. So good right!?! Here’s a little known fact: Dark Void started off as a spiritual successor to Crimson Skies before it later evolved into what it is now. But if you look at the game knowing that, you see the similarities that bled over.

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