Episode 52 – Year 1 Extravaganza

Well, fifty-two episodes later here we are. Did we have some laughs? Absolutely. Did you hurt Dave’s feelings? You betcha. Is Darryl glad he left Chicago? Who can say?

To celebrate the first year of the show we pulled out all the stops. We revisited every bit (we could remember) and did them once more for old time’s sake, share some more survey results, Darryl gets geeked up for Until Dawn, and Dave runs down PAX.

If that wasn’t enough, we asked some friends of the show what Team GFB Radio has meant to them. Their answers will shock you!

Team GFB Radio – Episode 52 – Year 1 Extravaganza

Original Air Date: September 4th, 2015

2:15 – Let’s get our APMs up!

5:45 – TeamGFBRadio Production Minute

7:00 – Apologies, Sex in the Prius, X1, etc.

13:30 – Darryl comes up with the Greatest Idea of All Time, and I hope you like it because you’ll be hearing 52 of these over the next year.

15:15 – Darryl reads some more survey results.

24:30 – Dave and Darryl think about what could have been for Wreckateer.

26:30 – Guest interview block #1: Kelly Wallick, Chris Floyd, and Austin Walker.

29:45 – Darryl makes a strong case for Until Dawn being the next Book Club game (hahahaha).

44:45 – Guest interview block #2: Tim Rogers, Felix Kramer, Chris Charla.

47:55 – PAX Prime rundown. Dave gets drunk, sleeps, repeats.

1:34:00 – Guest interview block #3: Alex Rubens, Adam Boyes (we may have been hammered).

1:37:05 – Emails! First one is from TJ from Chicago who asks about burgers.

1:40:55 – Friend of the show Leighty writes in, and Dave does his Guy Fieri impression.

1:42:55 – Matt from NC writes in, with a heartfelt thanks for the crew.

1:46:15 – Friend of the show Chris from Wyoming writes in, and joins Harris Forster with Nemesis of the Show Status.

1:51:13 – What the what?

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