Episode 51 – M.O.D.O.B

Episode notes will come later this week but in the meantime enjoy our banner picture of Dave courtesy of, Friend of the Show, Gio Corsi. And also enjoy the lyrics to the hot new banger “Close Your Eyes (And Count the Load Time)” after the break:

Team GFB Radio – Episode 51 – M.O.D.O.B.

Original Air Date: August 28th, 2015

Close Your Eyes (And Count the Load Time):

Load the game fast. Load the, load the game fast.

Load the, load the, lo-load the, lo-load the, lo-load the

Time slave, I’m protesting cuz of all the time to load it took
Used to be, had no time to read the instruction book
What’s changed? How do devs think they are off the hook?
Back to digital, not disc, should save the load time it took
Was it cuz of solid state?
That I didn’t have to wait?
Now it’s not physical media, are we talking “LoadGate?”
What I’m asking is now that we are no longer always on a disc…
Is why are there still long load times instead of like a cartridge?
It would instantly load…
Was it better code?
Now, I have time to get up and go to the commode
I’m talking XBLA
Called Xbox Store today
And also the PlayStation Store to download and get to play
Please don’t disregard my question about today’s load times
Because you were blown away by all of my amazing rhymes
“Close Your Eyes (And Count the Load Time)”
Load the Game II
2015 Iron Galaxy Records

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