Episode 50 – Over the Hill

The guys are back for a Traditional GFB Family Values episode.

For a fun twist, they guys start off with some housekeeping. Turns out you guys like travel stories. Then Darryl begins his siege on Team GFB Radio by talking about lunch, which was super boring if you live anywhere besides Orlando. Then, we get a slice of life direct from Orlando, FL as Darryl talks about pool maintenance.

If you made it through all that, you’re in luck. The dudes talk about Star Wars Land right on the heels of D23, and Dave reveals his deep jealousy over not attending. Then, Dave gets Darryl up to speed with the newest funding/publishing platform on the block, Fig.co, which Dave thinks is neat.

Dave next decides “that’s enough fun for one show,” and for reasons that remain unclear he starts talking about Destiny’s The Taken King, something Darryl doesn’t care about. He then hypes up Bit Bash, before finally revealing what to expect at PAX Prime. Then, as always, your emails bring the show home.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 50 – Over the Hill

Original Air Date: August 21st, 2015

3:45 – The guys get their APMs up, and give an update on the survey results.

6:30 – Inexplicably, the guys talked about what they had for lunch.

13:00 – Darryl has some Pool Problems (TM).

18:50 – The guys talk about some of the news from D23.

25:20 – Dave gets Darryl caught up on Fig.co

34:30 – Dave reacts to some of the Taken King rumors floating about.

40:00 – Dave sells Darryl on Bit Bash, which is rad.

41:45 – Pax Prime talk #engaged.

46:10 – The guys get email started by re-reading an email from Neale. Neale wants to know if we’d be mad to hear that people are playing games we make with the audio off.

54:40 – Unsigned sends in a question about the nature of games, and how do we feel about “Walking Simulators.” Dave pops a blood vessel in his head responding.

59:05 – Ben S. writes back in, with an ill-conceived attack on Lang. Lang shrugs it off. Yeah you heard me, shrugs it off.


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