Episode 46 – We Gucci?

Lang and Felix try to recapture the magic from their appearance on Giant Bomb’s Big Live Live Show Live, and largely fail to meet that goal.

It’s an email heavy show, but that doesn’t mean the crew threw GFB traditions out the window. Lang gives a Sex in the Prius update, Felix drops a drunk travel story, Lang made Felix watch The Raid, and neither of them have an X12 or are moving to Orlando.

The email section covers a lot of ground, but all you really need to know is that Lang and Felix need to work on their timing for “WORLDWIDE.”

Team GFB Radio – Episode 46 – We Gucci?

Original Air Date: July 24th, 2015

2:40 – Lang and Felix scientifically determine who the coolest game developer is.

4:00 – Lang gets Felix caught up on TeamGFBRadio customs (Sex in the Prius update, Drunk Travel Stories, The Raid, X12, Moving to Orlando).

11:30 – Felix ranks the Canadian provinces, and they talk E3 stuff.

18:20 – Email! Friend of the show Keir writes in, presumably about Cheesecake Factory.

20:00 – Michael from Bellevue wants to know if it’s too early to show his game to friends.

24:35 – Lang gets Felix caught up on another GFB tradition, and Mircea from Romania wants to know if we ever experienced games long after (15+ years) they had originally come out.

30:30 – Steve S. claims to dislike Cornbread.

34:55 – Walter B. wants to know the origin story for Felix’s twitter handle, @legobutts, and the crew discusses how to do laundry on the road; this tweet gets mentioned. Lang also discloses his Doki Doki levels for K.Flay to Felix.

43:25 – SkullPanda1 wants to know why there’s no baby changing stations in Chicago.

44:00 – Phil B. wants to know Lang and Felix’s take on drug use, and Lang unveils the next radio identity for him and Felix, before showing off his Guy Fieri impression.

48:45 – Someone claiming to be named Race Ragsdale wants to know how to handle being “outclassed” in social situations.

53:35 – Doug M. wants to know who’s in goal for the Hotspur?

54:05 – James in Minnesota wants to know if we saw Jamie Lee Curtis at EVO this year.

55:20 – Craig B. wants to know what The Gooch thinks of the USWST, and Lang slanders Track and Field athletes. Craig also wants to know how to protect the name of his future video game studio.

59:00 – Ryan in London wants Lang and Felix to come up with a 3-course menu for a dinner party.

1:04:10 – Ben S. wants to know how we deal with haters, and Felix levels up right before Lang’s eyes.