Episode 45 – Ice To Meet You

With Benedict Arnold in transit to Orlando Florida, Dave was left to fend for himself this week; and lo! it was good.

Assisting Dave this week is Alex Rubens (@alexrubens, give him a follow, he’s a CCG) who has more cool jobs at the age of 21 than you have had your entire, miserable life. He’s cool like that.

Alex starts the show aggressively by bringing back a meme from 2007 before Dave regales you with tales from #Bitsummit, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Gion Matsuri.

In an unexpected turn of events, Alex turns Dave against United Airlines. 1k status is up for grabs: WHO WANTS IT MOST?

The CCG’s close out the show by answering some emails, wherein Paul tells Dave he should have been in the movie The Warriors, and Dave turns into a blubbery mess at the implications therein.

Thanks to Noah Sasso, aka @getdizzy for this week’s Team GFB Radio Theme Remix (REEEEEMMMMMIIIIIXXXX).

Team GFB Radio – Episode 45 –¬†Ice To Meet You

Original Air Date: July 17th, 2015

0:17 – @getdizzy made a Team GFB Radio remix.

1:00 – Just who the heck is this Alex Rubens character, anyway?

13:15 – Alex “ices” Dave in the midst of recording Episode 45 (and it was delicious).

15:50 – Lang expresses his irrational dislike for fraternities, and talks about why Grey is a lame color.

17:30 – Traveloge: Kyoto and Hiroshima, Japan.

21:30 – #Bitsummit goodness

26:00 – The stealth best thing about Kyoto, is drinking down by the river.

29:00 – Fire Ramen in Kyoto is legit; PLEASE READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

34:00 – Hiroshima and Miyajima Water Temple
visit details.

37:15 – Gion Matsuri in Kyoto is a world-class festival.

39:25 – Wherein Dave starts to turn on his age-old friend, United Airlines.

49:30 – Alex piles on the United Hate Train.

51:20 – The guys display their SPG love for all to display.

56:10 – We field some emails, the first one is from Devin (aka Alex’s prank stories are on fleek).

1:10:15 – Paul sends in a *strong* email. So #strong.

2 thoughts on “Episode 45 – Ice To Meet You”

  1. Kyoto is an awesome city. I hope you got to visit the Inari shrine. Gion Matsuri is awesome as well. Everyone dressed up in their yukata having fun on a hot summer night.

    I think most people are surprised when they visit Hiroshima and realise it’s just a regular modern city now.

  2. After getting in on the ground floor of GoneForBacon radio and committing my ears to the podcast each and every week I can confidently say that Alex Rubens is a master class in all things CCG. If DW could not make it back from his trip to the sun Alex would be a welcome addition to the show. Hearing Dave trying to act cool and keep up with the young blood is way better than witnessing him in attack mode preying on the lamb that is Mr Wisner.

    Thanks for toughing out another week Lang.

    Australian Justin

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