Episode 42 – Email Train

Dave was at E3 so prior to the events therein, the guys hastily cobbled together this all-email episode. Lots of advice for aspiring programmers, but also a fair share of random hijinks.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 42 –¬†Email train

Original Air Date: June 26th, 2015

1:25 – Friend of the show Hassan writes in to talk about theoretical pizza toppings.

4:20 – Mitch writes in to ask about taking on Game Programming as a hobby.

8:40 – Jose writes in with some more “getting started” questions.

16:20 – CB wants to know how he could get more comfortable talking to technical people at work.

23:15 – Walter talks about how Dave was playing Destiny at Combo Breaker, and how come Darryl is so handsome and Dave is not.

29:20 – Izzy wants to know if we could go back in time and work on any game, what would it be?

36:20 – Travis makes up some words.

40:55 – James wants to know why there’s not a ton of console games right now.

43:15 – Jacob asks about why AAA games don’t reuse assets more.

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  1. In fairness, Java was much better when Sun Microsystems ran it. It’s now a property of Oracle. Oracle has ruined Java and sadly MySQL is being slowly ruined with weird bugs and update releases.

  2. There is a also a turtle library in python that is used a lot for people starting to learn.

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