Episode 37 – Level 257

Another traditional show! What are the odds!

Dave went to Orlando and checked out an MLS match, Darryl caught Pac Man fever at Level 257, the guys eat Tater Tot Pizza and the Best Nachos Ever, Dave makes Darryl listen to the Now Weekly Team GFB Radio Destiny Minute, and Dave discovered the Greatest Podcast of All Time.

After consoling each other about not being the Greatest Podcast of All Time, Dave and Darryl round out the show with some emails.

Team GFB Radio –¬†Episode 37 – Level 257

Original Air Date: May 22nd, 2015

2:00 – Dave goes to his first Orlando City FC match.

8:30 – Dave briefly gives his verdict on Mad Max, and talks about the best theater in Orlando, and the best nachos in Austin (possibly the world).

12:30 – In keeping with the food motif, Darryl reveals Tater Tot Pizza and catches Pac Man Fever at Level 257.

20:40 – It’s the Team GFB Radio Destiny Minute.

27:00 – Dave talks about the Chicago Podcast Cooperative and one of his finds therein: Hello, From The Magic Tavern (henceforth referred to as the Greatest Podcast of All-Time, or, The Podcast That Makes Dave Want To Give Up Podcasting).

38:40 – Emails! Andy wants to know if we’ve ever had any games we started off hating, only later to love them later.

45:10 – Jonathan wants to know how to get a big raise. We have some thoughts.

54:00 – Rafal wants to know what we think makes a game impressive Technically, and what’s the secret sauce for making a game like that.

1:00:15 – Enemy of the Show Harris Foster writes in.