Episode 33 – Location Test

This is, without a doubt, our favorite episode yet.

Dave sat down with legendary game designer Sal DiVita and went over his amazing career. For those unfamiliar, Sal helped invent the Action Sports genre with the team at Midway Games, creating NBA Jam and NFL Blitz, before moving onto Psi-Ops, TNA Impact! and many others. Sal talks about what it was like to work on Coin-Op hardware, what it’s like to be a perfectionist, and what he’s up to currently.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 33 – Location Test

Original Air Date: April 24th, 2015

3:30 – Sal talks about how he got onto the NBA Jam team.

5:50 – Sal talks about working with Mark Turmell.

7:50 – Sal talks about what it was like to develop for Coin-Op.

14:50 – Sal talks about why they switched from NBA Jam to NBA Hangtime (lawyers were involved).

19:00 – Sal talks about WWF Wrestlemania development.

27:20 – Sal talks about the very first NFL approval meeting for NFL Blitz.

33:25 – Sal and Dave reflect on the massive amount of talent Midway had.

36:55 – Dave talks about the first time he got to work with Sal (P.S. Sal was mean to him).

45:00 – Sal talks about Gauntlet Seven Sorrows.

47:00 – Dave and Sal discuss Dave’s minor stint on TNA Wrestling, wherein they rehash a ten-year old argument about Animation Scripting.

56:00 – Dave tasks Darryl with his first solo-cast.