Episode 31 – Green Light

It’s a fully-loaded episode of #TeamGFBRadio once again! The guys start with some word association, Darryl talks about high-end bed shopping, and the guys ponder what color runner lights one should put under their beds to maximize sexy time. Dave then recounts his trip to Glitch MN (in a word: rad), Dave does the “Industry Insider Minute” wherein he talks about Video Game Agents, before gushing about the Destiny end-game for a bit. The guys round out this show by talking about a bunch of family stuff, April Fools shenanigans, and an update on the efforts to have sex in their Priuses. And Emails!

Team GFB Radio –¬†Episode 31 –¬†Green Light

Original Air Date: April 10th, 2015

2:30 – Time for the first annual Word Association.

8:00 – Darryl goes bed shopping (awwww yeah).

11:00 – “What color lights should I put on my bed?”

17:40 – Dave talks about Glitch MN.

26:00 – Dave talks about Video Game Agents.

34:35 – Dave has finally figured out Destiny.

44:40 – The guys talk family stuff (FINALLY!).

49:15 – April Fools recap from the front lines of parenting.

52:18 – The “Sex in the Prius” Campaign gets a new lease on life.

54:10 – Emails!