Episode 30 – PAX East 2015 Part 2

The guys start off this episode with some insider PAXAMANIA talk…and also how Dave screwed Darryl out of meeting Swery (sorry!). Then they take listeners on a brief tour of Boston’s Chinatown (it’s very nice, actually), before Dave reveals one of his friends is in fact an awful, awful person. They wrap up their prepared remarks with a lot of talk about Dragons Age and Destiny, before wrapping the show with some emails where Dave learns that his random criticisms re:Canada do, in fact, hurt.

Come for the laughs stay for the giant Lang head.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 30 – PAX East 2015 Part 2

Original Air Date: April 3rd, 2015

1:40 – PAXAMANIA breakdown, wherein Dave didn’t introduce Darryl to Swery.

14:40 – Don’t listen to vegetarians or community managers when it comes to food.

19:00 – Dave probably shouldn’t have told this story.

23:10 – Darryl almost missed his flight home.

28:35 – The guys talk about what they’ve been playing.

47:15 – Housekeeping and emails!