Episode 3

Time for the first #TeamGFB Radio Spoilercast, wherein we gush about Condemned Criminal Origins for 30+ minutes. We get into our favorite moments from the game, what makes it special, and reluctantly talk about how deep our obsession runs with this game. After that we touch on Penguin Mints, Bosey’s Snack Bar, #keepitwingthousand, and make some TGS predictions.

#Team GFB Radio – Episode 3

Original Air Date: September 26, 2014

4:00 – The Condemned Criminal Origins Spoilercast

37:00 – The guys talk Penguin Mints

44:45 – Bosey’s Snack Bar

51:00  – Iron Galaxy Orlando’s #keepitwingthousand

63:25 – Pre TGS Musings