Episode 28 – #PitchCouch

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It’s the GDC 2015 edition of #TeamGFBRadio, and it’s shenanigan filled. Right out the gates Dave attacks Darryl’s sweaty palms (Dave is a jerk), before settling into GDC story time. Dave talks about how he (accidentally) counter-programmed against the annual Midway reunion, eating too many pizzas, and how Dan Rykert took Dave and friends to the strangest bar of all time. You might think that’s a lot of stuff, and you’d be right, but lo! Hashtag PitchCouch was born, and it was good.  This episode is rounded out with some interviews Dave did with SCEA’s Adam Boyes and Double Fine’s Brad Muir.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 28 – #PitchCouch

Original Air Date: March 20th, 2015

0:45 – Darryl explains his Swamphands.

3:55 – GDC overview starts.

5:30 – Dave talks about he accidentally tried to sabotage the annual Midway reunion.

9:50 – Wherein four men try to eat nine extra-large pizzas.

11:05 – For some reason Dan Rykert doesn’t understand what hollow means.

18:00 – #PitchCouch is born

24:45 – I interview Adam Boyes of SCEA about Midway stuff, and pillow walls.

50:30 – I interview Brad Muir, wherein he relentlessly makes fun of me for five straight minutes.

56:45 – Back to GDC, Dave talks about the two talks he got to see.

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