Episode 27 – Hey, Let’s Go To Napa!

Fans of Darryl Wisner will be disappointed to learn that this is a Dave heavy Travelogue episode, wherein he regales everyone with fresh deets from his trip to Napa, CA. Are you curious about what Adam Boyes made for dinner on Friday? Or are you interested in what it takes to pretend to be an Executive in the Coke Zero business Unit? Perhaps you’re intrigued with tales of Top Gear Rules, or airhorn apps? No? None of that is interesting to you? Then just fast forward to fifty minutes into the episode where Darryl talks about hacking Minecraft.

Team GFB Radio –¬†Episode 27 – Hey, Let’s Go To Napa!

Original Air Date: March 13th, 2015

2:00 – Travelogue Time! Dave talks about his pre-pre-pre GDC trips to Vancouver and Seattle.

9:15 – Wherein Dave catalogs his 3-day Napa bender with friends.

20:45 – Dave reveals how he pretends to be a Coke Zero Executive to make friends with strangers.

32:00 – When Top Gear Rules go horribly awry.

39:25 – Why if you know nothing about wine, you should visit Del Dotto.

48:30 – Dave cedes the podcast to Darryl, who talks about his proudest moment as a Geek Dad.

59:10 – Dave’s “Certified Bangers” Spotify playlist¬†


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    1. No, the people hosting tasting rooms aren’t necessarily Sommeliers. I guess they are just “hosts” or “hostesses.”

  1. Another banger Dave.

    Also I sent an email about this but: your site is blocked by my work’s firewall for being hilariously classified as a gambling site.

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