Episode 26 – Samoas Vs. Thin Mints

This week the guys get together and answer the age old question: What is the best Girl Scout cookie? After that hot debate wait for the Dave’s retelling of his Taylor swift fantasy and his adventure of making horrible beats. The guys also talk about what to expect this year for GDC and PAX East. The show is closed out with another hot email.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 26 – Samoas Vs. Thin Mints

Original Air Date: March 6th, 2015

1:00 – Right out the gates the guys get into some hot Choco-Chip talk

5:55 – The Dreaded Thin Mint Sleeve

11:35 – Dave tells Darryl about his dream wherein he become besties with T-Swizzy

17:30 – The guys talk about the Game Developers Conference

30:15 – PAX survival tips

42:20 – It’s the #TeamGFBRadio Hip Hop minute


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