Episode 25 – The Bloco Situation

This episode is a party for your ears! Dave gets DEEP into Carnaval at Salvador, explaining the ins and outs of all the ways one can get in trouble down there (spoiler alert: there are infinite ways to get in trouble, and three-ways with married couples are actually invitations to get murdered). After nearly fifty minutes of discussing the Worlds-Largest-Party, the guys close out the episode by answering some emails.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 25 –¬†The Bloco Situation

Original Air Date: February 27th, 2015

3:00 – Dave’s Trip to Carnaval, Part 2

8:45 – Dave talks about what it’s like to be the only person at Carnaval going home alone

14:00 – Dave goes searching for a Brazilan tailor

20:00 – Dave explains what a Camarote is

25:40 – Dave successfully avoids a three-way

36:00 – Dave explains the Bloco situation

48:50 – Dave and Fernando take a Moto-Taxi; Fernando almost dies

56:45 – We dive into the mailbag, and resume What-Does-Darryl-Look-Like-Mastermind