Episode 17 – Happy Hype Year 2015!

The guys bring in 2015 with talk of Dave’s trip to DC, Taylor Swift vertigo, The Iron Galaxy Chicago Holiday party recap, and lots and lots of emails! We love emails!

#Team GFB Radio – Episode 17 – Happy Hype Year 2015!

Original Air Date: January 2nd, 2015

2:10 – Travel Story! Dave went to DC for a day and was ensconced in hospitality.

22:15 – Iron Galaxy Chicago Holiday Party recap

33:30 – It’s time for emails! For this question we talk about platform-specific optimizations for games.

42:00 – Question Two: Wherein we talk about drinking habits in the industry.

47:10 – Question Three: What is the Lang Zone, and what’s your favorite sandwich store?

57:20 – Question Four: What’s it like to work on someone else’s project versus working on something you did from scratch?

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