Episode 164 – Greatest Football Battle

The boys are back. Back to attack.

Lots of game talk this week (Motorsport Manager, Overwatch, PUBG, Monster Hunger and Fortnite BR), as well as some tales from the front lines of streaming woes. The guys also get into how IG bids out Switch ports, which they hope you find super informative.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 164 – Greatest Football Battle

Original Air Date: February 5th, 2018

2:00 – The guys go over the new schedule for the show.

3:20 – Dave has been having some internet issues, herein lies that tale.

13:00 – Dave and Darryl talk games they are playing (Motorsport Manager, Overwatch, PUBG, Monster Hunter & Fortnite BR).

28:45 – Dave started his play-through of near-final Extinction.

33:00 – Dave and Darryl talk about the process by which IG bids on AAA to Switch ports. Pull up a chair and learn something, kids.

53:00 – Dave is going to JVs wedding, it’s on a cruise, and he’s gonna have stories next show.

1:04:00 – Patrick from Cali wants some advice on staying in school versus working more at his current job. The boys have thoughts.

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