Episode 163 – Gigantic Foaming Bubbles

The bois are back, and ready to chat. About what you ask? How about Sex in the Prius? Intrigued? How about Google Wifi? No, you don’t care about that either? Hmmm. How about Ultimate Guys Weekend? No? Escape rooms? Cancun…everyone loves Cancun stories, right?

Jesus what do you people want from us?

Team GFB Radio – Episode 163 – Gigantic Foaming Bubbles

Original Air Date: January 23rd, 2018

2:15 – It’s the very last Team GFB Radio Sex In The Prius Update.

9:30 – Dave and Darryl discuss Google Wifi, and all its pros and cons.

17:30 – Darryl talks about Gloomhaven and Star Wars Imperial Assault board games.

24:30 – Dave talks about Ultimate Guys Weekend with his son. It ruled.

37:50 – Dave went to Cancun and ate a ton of tacos. Get your mind out of the gutter.

49:50 – Friend of the show Devin wants to know if we ever discussed cross-over characters that we’d want to see in KI.

52:45 – Mitch writes in to ask how being developers affects how we play and experience games by other developers?

57:55 – Steve from Montreal writes in to disclose an embarrassing experience that ended with him quitting escape rooms FOREVER.

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