Episode 162 – Getting Fat Blisters

New year, new intro! The new music is compliments of 2 Mello, you can find more of their amazing work here!

They guys kick of 2018 with a recap of their Holiday break, and Dave and Darryl have a bunch of new games to chat about.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 162 – Getting Fat Blisters

Original Air Date: January 7th, 2018

1:55 – Darryl talks about his Holiday Break. It was “Raw Dog Family Time.”

4:50 – Darryl talks about the Fallout board game by Fantasy Flight Games.

15:20 – Darryl is unravelling a real-life fake mystery. This is his story.

27:50 – Next weekend is Ultimate Guys’ Weekend, and Dave is ready.

35:00 – Dave has started playing Motorsport Manager and Escape From Tarkov, and has some thoughts on both.

53:20 – They guys get into a Star Wars TLJ spoiler-cast. Consider yourself warned.

2 thoughts on “Episode 162 – Getting Fat Blisters”

  1. I definitely want to hear more about that mystery game once Darryl gets box 2!

    Did I miss what the name of it was, or did he never say?

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