Episode 16 – Is 1200 greater than 400?

It’s the last episode of 2014 and #TeamGFBRadio closes out the year strong! Dave’s gushes about Orlando, the guys went to Player 1 Bar, Dave begrudgingly speaks about his failed pre-gaming attempt,  and Darryl discloses his elaborate plan to boost Dave’s blazer during the Holiday Party.  Just in case you don’t think that’s enough, they answer a lot of emails before closing the books on a great year.

#Team GFB Radio – Episode 16 – Is 1200 Greater Than 400

Original Air Date: December 26th, 2014

1:10 -Dave lets his feelings on Orlando be known

3:15 – The guys talk about Player 1 Bar, and verify that 1200 is in fact greater than 400.

23:15 – The guys talk about the IG Orlando company party, and illustrate how kids these days have no common sense re:pre-gaming with the CEO.

30:30 – Darryl recounts his scheme to steal Dave’s blazer.

41:00 – Mailbag! The guys answer questions about working at IG, soft shell crabs, drinking habits of game developers,