Episode 158 – Gravy For Breakfast

This episode is beset with some lesser audio issues, but don’t let that stop you from hearing about what’s going down with the boys this week.

Darryl throws and impromptu rager, Dave went to Korea and lived to tell the tale, and the guys make a short list of games they have to finish before year’s end.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 158 – Gravy For Breakfast

Original Air Date: November 27th, 2017

1:30 – Darryl’s Halloween was lit, and the boys are now on a mission to spice up every Holiday henceforth.

20:00 – Dave goes over his Korea trip, the highlight of which is playing #PUBG in a PC Bang for 12 hours straight.

40:00 – Dave discovers that his home PC setup is compromising his #PUBG play, and to fix everything he needs your help, CCGs.

46:40 – Darryl goes over his Turkey-day festivities. It wasn’t as lit as Halloween.


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