Episode 151 – Giant Fricking Basilisks

Post hurricane we’re happy to report that CCGesus and family emerged largely unscathed, but they aren’t out of the woods yet so Dave is joined by CCG Kelly Wallick for a PAX recap, stress-coping mechanisms, X12 talk, Godzilla, and Laditime (which isn’t what you probably think it is, sadly).

3:00 – Dave tries to get Kelly to burn her new bed and buy into the Sleep Number system.

11:00 – Dave and Kelly recap PAX, including the Team GFB Radio meet-up (which was rad). Pack a lunch, this is a big segment.

44:00 – Dave talks about his “coach” for a bit, in case you’re wondering who he’ll blame when everything goes to shit. Kelly also talks about her nascent podcast.

50:45 – Dave is rolling out to TGS, Kelly plugs her Indie Mega Show that’s Wednesday night. Come out and say hi!

57:35 – In a new segment, Kelly reviews some movies using The Raid 2 scale.

1:10:30 – Dave and Kelly answer a mail from Tudor from Toronto (WORLDWIDE), and dish out some advice on dealing with stress.

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