Episode 146 – Greetings From Ballertown

The guys talk Tacoma, PUBG First Person, Turtles, the Hololens and much, much more?

Yes, there’s more. Joe Budden, for one, gets discussed a little too much for this writer’s liking.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 146 – Greetings From Ballertown

Original Air Date: July 31st, 2017

2:05 – Darryl digs into his experiences with the Hololens.

17:25 – Dave has a Prius-related confession for you all.

21:30 – The guys talk about that new #PUBG update, with FPP support. eSports! They also tease the next Playdate.

25:20 – Darryl is EXCITED about Tacoma.

39:40 – Darryl schools us on the Tour de Turtles, and yes, that’s something that exists.

46:35 – Big Sach writes in with an update on his project. Dave talks about Joe Budden a lot.

55:15 – Another follow up email! Ian thanks us for our advice.

55:55 – Jimmy from Chicago is contemplating a life change.

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