Episode 140 – Guzzling Frosty Brews

For reasons that you don’t understand, YouTube’s Alex Rubens slams into your room/office/car and starts bumping “The Boys Are Back In Town.” You thank him for his contribution to The Culture, then notice there’s a new Team GFB Radio after a bit of a dry spell. You download it, and now, inexplicably, here we all are. You press play.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 140 – Guzzling Frosty Brews

Original Air Date: June 26th, 2017

2:30 – Darryl went to Disney and discovered a sick new Appletini. It features Cotton Candy.

9:45 – Dave gets Darryl up to speed with the drinks at Disney’s California Adventure. PS, they are the same.

13:00 – Darryl tries to congratulate Dave on completing his first 5k, and the lack of sincerity is too real.

21:50 – Darryl and the family went Paddle Boarding, and his core is enflamed.

28:00 – Darryl got some board games for Father’s Day, and he breaks them down here. He also regrets not previously buying a (multiple) Sonos.

34:40 – Dave’s Sex In The Prius clock is not officially ticking.

43:50 – It’s time for Dave’s E3 recap. Schedule your naps accordingly.



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