Our Hero John Drake

Episode 14 – Our Hero John Drake

Dave is back from PSX with interviews galore! The guys talk Christmas prep, the PlayStation Experience, The Video Game Awards, losing at Blackjack and the business side of Platform Exclusives before wrapping up the show with tons of interviews from the PSX show floor.

#Team GFB Radio – Episode 14 – Our Hero John Drake

Original Air Date: December 12th, 2014

8:45 – Dave talks about his trip to the PlayStation Experience

13:20 – Dave watched the Video Game Awards, and drank some Tequila.

19:15 – The business of platform exclusives.

26:50 – Briefly back to PSX talk, and then Dave details his trip to downtown LV.

34:00 – We start off our interview block strong with Eric Pope (@MrPope) of Harmonix. Lots of John Drake talk.

44:25 – Dave chats with Annette (@amgo ) and Nick (@nickchester ) of Harmonix, and talk about what happened Friday night (and John Drake).

53:45 – Dave chats with Dan Teasdale (@deliciousbees ) of No Goblin about making FMV games, Australia, and John Drake.

1:00:35 – Dave and Gio Corsi (@giocorsi ) of Sony build some lists.

1:05:30 – Dave and Shane Bettenhausen (@ShaneWatch) of the Shane Academy have an actual business meeting with a microphone on.

3 thoughts on “Episode 14 – Our Hero John Drake”

  1. Always like hearing about Lang’s travel’s and great talk on the console exclusive stuff. Enjoyed all the Drake talk, but no Drake himself hahaha that’s probably even better than if he was on mic.

    Hope Mr. Teasdale makes another FMV game next, the world needs them to continue! Can’t wait for DiveKick adventure!

  2. Hard exclusives (aka not time-limited or PC as well) are totally the reason I buy consoles. Bloodborne and SFV are reasons I will most likely get a PS4 and Bayonetta 2 is a solid reason to get a Wii U. As soon as a console has enough exclusive games I want, I buy it.

    This is not a recent thing either, hard exclusives have always been the reason I have gotten any console.

  3. The other thing to note about why buy an exclusive is that for consoles, its cheaper to buy the exclusive rights of an already well established brand than it is to create one in-house.

    As Dave touched on employee costs in the US are huge, so if you can make that someone else problem, great!

    Great show as ever

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