Episode 138 – Gummy Filled Bears

The guys are at it again! Darryl talks about his plans for Memorial Day weekend, and Dave recaps his visit to Japan. In emails, Andrew sent in an update on his cross-country trip that he first wrote the show about way back in Episode #59, which is pretty crazy.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 138 – Gummy Filled Bears

Original Air Date: May 29th, 2017

2:00 – Dave discusses his strats for doing Mystery Game Tournament commentary.

3:45 – Darryl is going to check out the Pandora park opening at Disney.

8:40 – Darryl went out to dinner with Adam Boyes and some of the team from IGO, and sexism ensued.

15:45 – Dave does Japan recap. Started off in Tokyo, then onto Kyoto for the 5th of Bitsummit.

28:30 – Dave explains why “Bonjour” is retired.

35:00 – Dave recaps his visit to Nintendo. Not much to see here but he geeked out regardless.

45:00 – Dave plugs some new True Crime podcasts, Crimetown and Up and Vanished.
47:45 – Dan from Toronto writes in to update how is first talk at ECGC went.

48:45 – Friend of the Show Chris from Wy writes in to explain how Cocktail Trees work.

49:30 – Chris from America writes in, updating on their huge road trip they first wrote in about waaayyy back in Episode 59, and asking for advice on what to see when they hit the Southern states.

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