Episode 136 – Giraffes From Baltimore

At the time of recording it was right before Mother’s Day, and the guys have plans, big plans! None of these plans, however, are enough to stop them from discussing the big news of the week! Dave and Darryl talk at length about the Square-Enix/IOI split and ponder about the fate of HITMAN. In other, less important news: Dave is ready for his 5k, and he went to Dallas for 3 days and saw some cool stuff.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 136 – Giraffes From Baltimore

Original Air Date: May 15th, 2017

3:00 – The guys discuss what’s going down on Mother’s Day, and Dave says something he will one day regret.

10:00 – The guys get into some games they’ve been playing, but not before Dave tries a new wine.

16:25 – The guys dive into the Square Enix/IOI split, and try their best to make sense of it all. Spoiler: they don’t have a clue.

36:50 – Quick fitness update! Dave is ready for his 5k so come race with him here.

42:50 – Dave went to Dallas, and lived to tell the tale. He met the id Mom, and can confirm that the Gearbox offices are lit, fam.

53:20 – Matt from Japan wants to know what our plans for the Switch are, and what games we’d like to see on the new platform.

58:05 – Ryan from Seattle is starting a podcast and wants to know more about some of the technical aspects of our production.


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  1. Yo warn the wis his fruit tree gonna have all sorts of rats raccoons and possums rolling through his yard queuein up buffet style to munch down

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