Episode 132 – Goodie Filled Baskets

Another show with no real theme, or overarching agenda. Just a random grab bag of shit. There’s some hip-hop in there, more Zelda talk, Dave getting screwed out of some great shoes and a hoodie, Osmo, and emails!

The guys close out the show with a BEEFY S-Town spoilercast, so if you’ve listened to that, check that out for our basic-ass thoughts on the podcast.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 132 – Goodie Filled Baskets

Original Air Date: April 17th, 2017

2:20 – It’s a Team GFB Radio Hip Hop Minute.

5:40 – The Lang house is now a Switch house and it’s everything Darryl hoped it would be.

18:00 – Dave’s kids have stopped playing Minecraft and it’s SUPER WEIRD.

23:10 – It’s a Team GFB Radio Fashion minute, wherein Dave gets screwed out of fresh #gear he wanted.

27:20 – Darryl has some new hotness for his kids, Osmo.

35:20 – Dave started playing Mass Effect Andromeda, is planning on streaming it all.

38:00 – Dave visited Orlando, and the guys hung out Wednesday night.

44:00 – Tommy wants to know how to wear headphones with a hat. The answer is, of course, over the headphones.

50:10 – Ian wants tips on how an artist can break into the industry. How much does your skillsets with given tools matter?

55:30 – Parker is contemplating a career change, and wants to know how to get started coding.

1:08:45 – S-Town spoilercast, spoilers be here.

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