Episode 128 – Go Fight Bikes

It’s been a few weeks, and Darryl is back! The guys get caught up on Darryl’s life, talk about the PAX East Meet Up, and lots of other random topics. Also: There’s a Sex in the Prius update somewhere in this episode (spoiler alert: nothing meaningful to report).

Team GFB Radio – Episode 128 – Go Fight Bikes

Original Air Date: March 20th, 2017

1:45 – The guys discuss what they did for St. Patrick’s Day. Darryl did nothing, Dave drank beers from Belgium.

6:30 – Dave goes over the PAX East meet-up stuff with Darryl.

17:15 – Dave recounts what a disaster leaving Boston was due to weather.

20:55 – Darryl asks Dave about his GDC talks, and Dave is more than happy to tell them how awesome they were. Here’s the free one.

28:30 – Time to get caught up with Darryl! He talks about the family trip to the Dells, and how much his family loves the Switch.

39:25 – Dave’s shit-talk almost catches up with him. Almost.

42:00 – The guys talk about how many amazing games are out now. Dave talks a bit about his time with Nioh.

45:20 – There’s some effects from going to Napa. One of them is the Coravin is back in play.

52:00 – Friend of the show Jake wants to know what Twitter is like when you have a lot of followers. A side effect of Dave’s answer is Darryl no longer respects Dave.

56:18 – Thomas in California just likes the show and wanted to show some love. Dave insulted him then took it back. All is right with the world.

57:12 – Brittani wants to know what video game worlds we’d love to live in, and what video game worlds we’d banish enemies to. Darryl gets a lesson about Snapchat. Also Dave saw Headshot. Packed a lot into this answer as it turns out.

1:07:20 – Evil Dave from Chicago wants to know what Switch’s seemingly strong launch means for 3rd party support.

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