Episode 123 – Great Football Blunders

The guys are back on Skype for this one, and the show is posted on time. Funny how that works out. I would type up a lot here, but I just got done watching the Atlanta Falcons give up a 25 point lead to the Patriots, and I’m busy rapid-fire scrolling through all the hot memes.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 123 – Great Football Blunders

Original Air Date: February 6th, 2017

1:45 – Dave and Darryl retell the story of the basketball grudge match between Dave and the Croatian Sensation.

4:00 – Dave’s son is playing basketball now, and Dave is excited. EXCITED.

11:10 – Darryl went to Wine Down Wednesday, and it was NOT lit.

15:40 – Dave follows up on the “did he buy those bullshit hats” story from a few episodes ago.

18:40 – Darryl is getting handy around the house, hopefully he doesn’t electrocute himself. It’s the amps that get you, Darryl.

22:10 – Dave fired up the new Deus Ex game. It is good.

26:15 – Dave and Darryl talk some HITMAN, go over Professional Difficulty.

30:20 – Darryl and Dave talk super bowl plans, and stumble into fitness tips?

34:15 – Dave watched a bunch of documentaries on Netflix about Sommeliers, brb digging a wine cellar.

43:25 –┬áDave goes over GDC and PAX East plans.

46:40 – Darryl closes out this banger with robot vacuum discussion.


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