Episode 121 – Gnocchi For Breakfast

After a week off the guys are back to make your commute 6% more comfortable. They mostly talk about Dave’s trip to Tokyo, including Dave meeting some nut bars at a bar that believe Hillary Clinton died and was cloned. WE SHIT YOU NOT fine listeners. Other topics include: beer recommendations, Gio’s Ramen Blog, and buying wine with Monopoly money.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 121 – Gnocchi For Breakfast

Original Air Date: January 23rd, 2017

2:40 – Dave brings another beer recommendation.

6:05 – Dave recounts his trip to Japan, and eats at a lot of places recommended by Gio’s Ramen blog.

26:45 – Dave’s post-international-travel-movie-reviews Team GFB Radio exclusive part of the show.

31:40 – Dave ran into some people at a bar that were BATSHIT CRAZY.

40:00 – Emails! Ben from Madison is going to Japan with friends on a $300/day budget and wants some tips. If you’re going to Tokyo for the first time watch this.

1:02:55 – Mike writes in to relate a dream his wife, Sarah, had that Dave appeared in (he was balling out of control with Monopoly money).


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