Episode 12

Darryl and Dave cover a lot of ground in this one, discussing some memes from their Midway days, Darryl discloses his Skype-troll tech, the politics of credits and titles in Video Game companies, their new “Video Game Book Club,” and Dave makes predictions for his trip to Oxford, MS.

#Team GFB Radio – Episode 12

Original Air Date: November 28th, 2014

2:30 – Dave details going to his second Run The Jewels show. Turns out Killer Mike has regular human problems, too.

8:45 – Dave and Darryl discuss the origins of some Midway internal memes: “That sounds like a lot of work” and “Donuts in the Kitchen.”

17:30 – Darryl discloses his high-level Skype troll tech.

22:22 – Darryl got “Remmington Steel’d.”

30:00 – Dave discloses his deep hatred for Credits in Video Games.

41:35 – Dave and Darryl invite Ramon into the podcast to fact-check Dave’s retelling of the Midway “Video Game Book Club.”

48:00 – Dave and Darryl bring back the Book Club for the podcast, starting with Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments.

55:10 – Dave makes pre-Oxford, Mississippi trip predictions.

Play along with the guys starting this week in the first Team GFB Radio Video Game Book Club of Crimes and Punishments: Sherlock Holmes – Xbox One go ahead and grab your copy here:

4 thoughts on “Episode 12”

  1. The “That sounds like a lot of work” and the “Donuts in the Kitchen” part was hilarious.
    10/10 podcast. I’ve been marathoning the episodes over two days. And now I have to find a copy of the Raid movies.

    Greetings and good byes from Sweden.

  2. Shotgunned through all the episodes over the Thanksgiving break when I heard about it on the Giant Bomb Forums. Great show you guys! Hope we can get a interview from John Drake when Daves hits up the Sony show this weekend.

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