Episode 113 – HitLang

After focusing on Extra Life last week, the guys are back with a vengeance. Or is that VD? Who can say?

Darryl got sick in VR, Dave and Darryl talk Extra Life and no fewer than 2,000 games, Darryl got Google Home, and Dave really, really, really, really strongly advises you watch Sicario.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 113 – All The Streams!

Original Air Date: November 14th, 2016

1:00 – Darryl got sick in VR but lived to tell the tale.

4:15 – They guys get their APMs up re: no show last week.

5:35 – Dave and Darryl hit up Wine Down Wednesday in Orlando, Dave made everyone mad rooting against the Cubs, and burped on his shoes.

22:15 – Dave goes over his Extra Life stream, talks a lot of Hitman.

35:30 – Via the magic of Share Play on PS4, Darryl held Dave’s scary-ass hand as he played through Gone Home during his stream.

48:15 – Dave discusses his 37th wind during the stream, and closing out strong with Hitman.

55:20 – PS4 Pro is out, and it is good.

1:00:50 – Darryl got a Google Home, and ALEXA IS FURIOUS.

1:07:05 – Dave has a new desert island movie – Sicario. It’s on Amazon streaming for free now check it out.

1:10:45 – Hero amongst us Dan Brockman wrote in requesting Darryl to jump on an Extra Life stream next year.

1:12:20 – Brittani wants to know what an analytics nerd could do on a game dev team.

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