Episode 110 – Slacklining

This week the guys talked Steam Dev days, what’s going down for family Fall fun in Orlando, PSVR, and so much more!

Team GFB Radio – Episode 110 – Slacklining

Original Air Date: October 17th, 2016

2:25 – Dave went to Steam Dev Days, and if nothing else discovered a cool restaurant.

13:20 – Darryl and the family kicked it doing Fall Stuff in Orlando.

16:15 – Darryl installed a Zip Line and a Slackline at his house, confirming the blazing Orlando sun has claimed what was left of his sanity.

21:30 – They guys talk VR. Darryl got his PSVR, and Lang broke out his Rift. THEY BOTH GOT LOST IN CYBERSPACE, NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN.

41:20 – Lang got into Gears, and talks about his Extra Life stream plans.

48:05 – Chris from Wyoming writes in wanting to know if he should quit his job. HE SHOULD NOT.

49:40 – We get a follow up email from Ryan, thanking us for some advice we gave him. Did you hear that, Mom? Hmmm?


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