Episode 109 – Storm Jackers

We start this week with a detailed recap of Darryl’s preparation for, and experience during his first hurricane. If you ever wanted to know how to board up windows this is the segment you’ve been waiting for.

Then, Dave talks about a pig roast wherein he played the newest Jackbox Party Pack. He didn’t win, unless you consider flaunting his ignorance about our Solar System “winning.”

The guys wrap up the regular show with some Hitman and PSVR talk, before getting into some emails.

Team GFB Radio – EpisodeĀ 109 – Storm Jackers

Original Air Date: October 10th, 2016

2:00 – Darryl talks about his first Hurricane since moving to The Sunshine State.

31:00 – Dave talks about his big day downtown, Pig Roasts and Bar Crawls.

40:00 – Dave talks about the latest Hitman episode, Colorado.

43:40 – Darryl is ready for PSVR.

50:45 – First email is from Dan, and he’s sick and tired of other podcast hosts not yelling “WORLDWIDE” randomly.

53:30 – Mike is sick and tired of being in the games industry, and he’s out!

58:45 – Brian wants to know what to wear to an interview. Spoiler Alert: Birthday Suit.


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  1. The glorious return of show notes! Looking forward to Darryl’s hurricane experience and more Hitman!

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