Episode 106 – Because, So Big!

Dave’s traveling the world this week, but don’t worry listeners. Due to the wonders of modern technology the guys were still able knock out a banger. The guys talk about how important vitamins are for you, japan travel stories, board game obsessions and Dave’s new tag line: “Because, So Big!”.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 106 – Because, So Big!

Original Air Date: September 19th, 2016

1:30 – Dave tells Darryl about how “Vitamins” work in the Lang house.

4:30 – Dave gives a quick Japan recap, starting with a quick trip to Shibuya on Monday night.

7:30- Dave gets taken to Ebisu Kokocho, and it’s a Tokyo gamechanger. Also, he doesn’t remember why he woke up with his suitcase open on his bed.

12:20 – If you are in Tokyo go to the Robot Restaurant.

16:50 – Korean Air is gdlk, if you’re monstrously large, anyway.

20:25 – Darryl went iPhone, Bill Gates cried a single tear.

24:00 – Darryl went on a board game buying binge.

29:25 – First email is from Ryan. Ryan is the dude who puked at the meet-up and lived to tell the tale.

32:10 – Haster Foster writes in wanting to know if we’ve ever done “special” builds of games that weren’t mean for public use.

37:05 – Jack wants to know if Iron Galaxy has any Game User Researchers on staff.

39:45 – Alex wants to know where Dave gets is Expos hats.

41:15 – Sheldon wants some tips about getting entry-level jobs when you live super far away from where you’re applying.

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