Episode 100 – 100!

Dave’s impression of Adam Boyes joins the guys for a bit, then it’s back to the hosts you didn’t know you wanted, Darryl and Dave.

After that huge letdown, the guys talk Telltale Game’s Batman, Darryl’s mortality, Shadows in Killer Instinct, and then answer a whole grip of emails.

If you’ve made it this far, they also tack on an Inside spoiler-cast to the end of show, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 100 – 100!

Original Air Date: August 8th, 2016

3:45 – Weazy has been putting in some time on the sticks: Inside, Batman Ep. 1, and generic waxing euphoric about Telltale games.

15:00 – Dave talks Hitman midseason content.

18:30 – Dave talks about the time he cosplayed Agent 47 at a wedding. It was a good idea.

20:00 – Darryl stares down mortality vis-à-vis Tumble Stone on Xbox One.

23:30 – Dave and Darryl launch into a lengthy discussion about Shadows in Killer Instinct, a.k.a. the moment we lost a lot of listeners.

31:40 – Dave started watching House of Cards.

33:45 – The guys finally remember to discuss the Team GFB MyFitnessPal.com group, wherein the guys talk about their tank asses.

38:05 – Emails! Mike from KC has some questions about porting Borderlands 2 for the VITA. He has QUESTIONS.

46:15 – John C. from Norway asks some questions we can’t answer, because we are awful, but we try our best.

52:30 – Justin wants to know what Flirty Bunnies look like, and what we think about Steam user reviews.

58:00 – Kelly is curious about the biggest screw job Jeff from Petaluma ever put on Dave, and when the inevitable Hello From the Magic Tavern/Team GFB Radio crossover is happening.

1:03:00 – Enemy of the show Harris Foster writes in; gets bodied.

1:13:00 – Loose the Dogs of War, the guys get into their Inside spoiler cast.

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