Episode 10

If you’re into travel this is the show for you! Dave recaps his trip to Kuala Lumpur via LA, Tokyo, then Singapore, his first flight on an A380, how #gdlk Singapore Air is, KL Nightlife, and the┬áKL Sentral Train Station before Darryl shuts the show down with some talk about digi-tapes.

#Team GFB Radio – Episode 10

Original Air Date: November 14th, 2014

1:45 – Dave talks about the routes possible between ORD and KUL.

9:00 – It’s Dave’s first trip on an A380, and it’s bananas.

28:50 – Dave only had one night out in KL, but it was a Doozy. First the guys checked out Marini’s on 57.

33:50 – Wherein Dave realizes he’s surrounded by prostitutes.

39:00 – The perils of drunk cab rides in foreign countries.

43:45 – Dave gets “stuck” in Singapore.

49:45 – A brief aside about how I can kick people out of hotel rooms.

56:00 – Darryl finally talks about some vidja-games.