Episode 133 – Mario Time?

With Dave traveling and Darryl’s general aloofness we brought in the big guns, Cloth Map’s Drew Scanlon. This podcast is in an interview format, wherein I ask Drew the tough questions. We talk game dev, Giant Bomb, Cloth Map, and travel!

Drew is a great person, and you can support his vision here.

Episode 132 – Goodie Filled Baskets

Another show with no real theme, or overarching agenda. Just a random grab bag of shit. There’s some hip-hop in there, more Zelda talk, Dave getting screwed out of some great shoes and a hoodie, Osmo, and emails!

The guys close out the show with a BEEFY S-Town spoilercast, so if you’ve listened to that, check that out for our basic-ass thoughts on the podcast.

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Episode 131 – Generation’s Favorite B’Etor

Please excuse that the GFB in the title of this show isn’t the same one we usedĀ onĀ the show. They are just both that good, couldn’t doom one to history’s scrap pile. Sue us (me).

Darryl is out of pocket this week, so Dave brings Travel Bestie Kelly Wallick on for ANOTHER ONE. They chat about that X12 life, The Sims, Nioh, and the Star Trek podcast Kelly and Dave have been workshopping (but never actually recorded) for a bit. Please send us your feedback, so we can ignore it.

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Episode 130 – Gratuitous Fist Bumping

The guys are all over the map on this show, but there is some video game talk nestled in there (Nioh, Ghost Recon) if you’re into that. Look, I’ll be honest. When we record shows without cohesive themes it’s really difficult to construct meaningful, bespoke show notes. Listen to this show and try it for yourself. It’s legit pretty tough!

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