Episode 103 – Who Can Say

Dave is joined by Friend of the Show Kelly Wallick in what is most certainly a #CertifiedBanger. They talk PAX West, Megabooth, and Dave has some travel stories fresh of his European trip.

It’s a late #CertifiedBanger but it’s still a #CertifiedBanger.

(Pic courtesy of Dylan from BitSummit 2015)

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Episode 101 – An Evening with Weazy

Dave is out at Gamescom but the show must go on! For better or worse, you wonderful listeners get An Evening with Weazy. Have no fear this is only temporary, as we’ll return to our usual format next week.

This week Darryl recounts his past trip to Chicago and then dives into some emails. Ever wanted to hear Darryl’s long winded stance on coffee cake flavors? Boy are you in for a treat. Want to hear Darryl ramble nonsense about AI? You’re in luck! Maybe you want want to hear Darryl talk incoherently about commercial engine tools versus proprietary ones. Yep, we got that too!

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Episode 100 – 100!

Dave’s impression of Adam Boyes joins the guys for a bit, then it’s back to the hosts you didn’t know you wanted, Darryl and Dave.

After that huge letdown, the guys talk Telltale Game’s Batman, Darryl’s mortality, Shadows in Killer Instinct, and then answer a whole grip of emails.

If you’ve made it this far, they also tack on an Inside spoiler-cast to the end of show, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Episode 99 – Inappropriate Selfies

Please take a moment to delight in this week’s show pic that Darryl created. Take a moment to soak it up, and then catalog what mistakes you’ve made in your life to get you to this exact moment.

Newly appointed CEO of Iron Galaxy, Adam Boyes, joins the guys this week. Will he be on next week? Will he appear ever again? Would he eat a Big Mac if he found one in his Fiat? Who can say?

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