Episode 90 – Combo Breaker 2016

Sorry it’s up later than normal this week, you can blame Uncle Sam and his infernal holidays!

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Episode 89 – How To Dig A Hole

Darryl and Dave are reunited, and the results are, frankly, a mixed bag.

Dave did some yard work, and for reasons that aren’t entirely clear decided to lead off the podcast with stories of said chore. Darryl saw Angry Birds and Ratchet and Clank and regrets both choices. The guys played some games (Darryl: Uncharted and some dumb Scrabble knock off, Dave: Cool Games lyke DOOM, Galactic Civilizations III, and Forza) and talk at length about the Golden Age of platformers.

If you made it through those segments you’re in luck, because the emails are actually on point this week. ScallyCap enumerates what he loves about GFB! Chris from Wyoming checks in! Chris has some questions about living in Salt Lake! Toby is a creeper! Doug from Korea puts Dave from Portland on Blasters! Ryan wants to know how to balance family and career (spoiler: trick your partner)!

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Episode 88 – Travel Besties

Dave was traveling and CCGesus had a busy weekend so we’ve got a pinch-hitter this show. Friend of GFB, Kelly Wallick (@kellywallick) steps in with an energy not often seen from the remote chair of Team GFB Radio. This is a #CertifiedBanger.

Kelly and Dave discuss travel, both fake and factual Chemistry, The Witcher III, and Kelly’s experiences working on the event-side of the game’s industry. Dave also rips into Boulder, CO for no good reason other than he’s a real asshole.

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Episode 87 – For All The Moms Out There

Yo, I hear you’re in the market for bespoke, hand-crafted show notes.

(You nod, weakly)

We got you. We got you. Just go down this alley.

(You don’t move forward, and make eye contact with original speaker)

Homie, we got you. Just go down there, it’s all good.

(With that weak endorsement in hand you shuffle off, fate firmly in hand)

(You get to the end of the alley, there’s a dude in a tuxedo with a flower in his jacket)

(You approach)

(You are now close)

(Water bursts from the guy’s flower and hits you in the face)

For reasons that aren’t clear you crane your neck to the heavens, steel your will, and shout “Happy Mother’s Day, Trick!”

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Episode 86 – The PAX East After Party

It’s a good, old-timey, GFB Radio show where Darryl and Dave are back on Skype where they belong!

Darryl starts off with a story of home improvement gone awry, and a tale of Dutch shipping heroics the likes of which you have never heard.

Dave jumps into an (unintentionally long) story about parenting woes, and the day-in day-out rigors of raising kids who have no problem lying to your face.

Then, finally, like a beam of light setting an otherwise bleak landscape ablaze, the guys recap PAX. Booth setup promlems? #GOTEM. PAXAMANIA stories? #GOTEM? Let’s Rank It and meet-up recap? Yeah, son, you know we got thoseĀ for days.

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