Episode 81 – Move Along

Show notes incoming, this one is coming in hot! Rather than hold up posting the entire episode we opted to get the show out right away rather than holding it up for show notes. Check back later today!

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Episode 80 – CCGesus

It’s a solo show for Lang, as he failed to do any interviews whilst at GDC. He answered a bunch of emails, read some iTunes reviews, and in general did his best not to make a mockery of the Platform of Excellence that has been established for the show. This is validated with some iTunes reviews, including one that dubbed Darryl Wisner as CCGesus, a.k.a. the greatest nickname of all time (which up until now belonged to Dominique Wilkins, a.k.a. the Human Highlight Reel and Dave’s college acquaintance Big Breakfast).

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Episode 79 – How Are Your Rock Features?

Dave is in Orlando and this podcast was recorded at Casa de Wisner. It’s an email heavy show, but Darryl does talk about some shenanigans he saw off of Orange Ave. while walking to work one day, and we’re all worse for hearing that story.

Then the guys start to work through the email backlog. I won’t bore you with all the details, but the guys touch on lots of different topics: Genital dreads, software unit tests, RUN GFB, Dave being way too drunk at the Giant Bomb PAX Prime party, etc. you get the gist of it.

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Episode 78 – CCGs In The House

It’s a Lang-only show, but instead of panicking┬áDave called in some favors and got some CCGs lined up for what is, without a doubt, the Greatest Episode of All Time (also the longest episode of all time for those scoring at home).

Dave starts off with a DICE summary with Playstation’s Adam Boyes. The guys talk about DICE itself, after hours stuff, and the now infamous Friday night at Omnia. No phone numbers were tweeted out during this segment.

Then, Dave welcomes travel bestie Kelly Wallick to the show to discuss travel, specifically to Japan. They debate the merits of Tokyo and Kyoto, and try to get everyone excited enough about Japan to book a trip there immediately.

After that Dave chats with Justin Woodward about lots of stuff, but mostly his company’s new game that’s up on fig.co right now. This game is CCG approved.

Dave rounds out this monster of an episode with a grip of emails before passing out in a heap on the floor.

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