Episode 77 – The Halo Crab Thing

Hello Everyone! After a week of radio silence the guys are back and better than ever.

First, they start with a heartfelt apology about last week. They tried their best, they failed, and you picked them up. Sorry/Thank You.

The guys then plug the first ever Team GFB Play Date (info here), Dave talks about The Witness (again), before launching into an extended travelogue from his trip to SF.

Darryl had an unexpected trip to Chicago while Dave was out, and his visit coincided with a company Bender, and he did it real big.

They guys wrap the show with four STRONG emails, and manage to plug their PAX East panel in their answers (they are pros).

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Episode 76 – Clip Show II: Clippy’s Revenge

This is rad. We didn’t get to do a show this week so some community members made a clip show.

Thanks for @elcaminodino and @alecgwin and anyone else for making this happen. Super cool!

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Episode 75 – Sad Taco

Wow, where to even start.

What an episode. Just packed with stuff. Lot’s of stuff. Stuff.

The dudes talk about Valentine’s Day, Chicago Pizza shaped like hearts, PAX East plans, and DICE before getting into Dave’s weekend in Santa Rosa, CA with friends of the show Adam Boyes and John Vignocchi. Some stuff went down.

After that the guys talk Super Bowl, The Witness, video game biz dev analytic tools and the first ever GFB Play Date before shutting down the show with some great emails. Huzzah, what a ride!

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Episode 74 – Unload The Toad

This episode should be titled: Hey go review the show on iTunes, because that’s all we care about this week.

Darryl starts off the show by trying to explain what shipping a game is like for the listeners, Lang attempts to help with a fairly tenuous Shipping analogy.

Then, Dave talks about going to Austin, which of course means this week’s show has a heaping helping of Kraig impersonations in it. You’re welcome in advance. Kraig took Dave the the sexual nexus of Austin, and Dave still doesn’t know what “sexual nexus” means.

Dave talks a lot of PAX, and Summer Slam; he interviewed some people involved with the show, if you’re into behind the scenes PAX Wrestling info.

Darryl then goes over the glory that was the Killer Instinct World Cup, which basically went about as well as anyone could reasonably hope for.

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Episode 73 – Ride The Snail

In what can only be described as “fashionably late,” Episode 73 shows up to perplex and surprise you.

Lang speed talks for 60 minutes in this one, mostly because Darryl elected to not contribute. Topics covered include but are not limited to: Honey, Bees, The Witcher 3, honeycomb, Who’s Your Daddy, Mario Maker, Killer Queen, Turbo Bears, and much much more.

Later the guys talk about Adam Boyes’ reaction to the Witcher 3, PAX, KI Cup, and answer some emails. Huzzah, it’s the episode you never knew you wanted.

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