Episode 72 – Let’s Rank It!

This is a heartfelt edition of Team GFB Radio. We laughed. We cried. We planned a wedding for a stranger.

Dave starts by going over the latest Iron Galaxy Mandatory Fun Company Bender, wherein he watched Pacific Rim in the office with Ramon asleep next to him at five in the morning. The guys both started and, get this, finished (!) OXENFREE and have some spoiler-free thoughts on it. Dave has some musings on the show to this point, and Darryl doesn’t seem to appreciate them. Darryl gets Dave up to speed on the world of Lego Dimensions, and there’s some more Ori and Max and the Cursed Brotherhood talk before the guys roll into emails.

There were a lot of emails this week, and they were all good, but one stood out. It’s the one wherein the guys know how they will rebrand Team GFB Radio. Finally.

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Episode 71 – Drunk In A Cornfield

This episode is, as they say, a grower not a show-er. The guys (for some reason) start off talking about their Coravins, then Dave transitions into talking about his new iPhone. This is probably a good time to remind you that without some boring parts in the shows you wouldn’t appreciate the great bits when they occur.

Darryl got a 3D printer and, probably because he’s a good father, decided to make toys for his girls instead of weapons like Dave would have. Then Dave went to LA where he saw his High School friend and comedian Brian Babylon and Multiplayer on Dash curator Alex Rubens, before going to a day trip to Orlando where he packed in too much drinking into too short a time.

Dave played Ori with his 9 year old son, and found it difficult to explain what a Metroid-Vania style game is to him, and why he should care. Darryl played some adventure games and the guys finally played Who’s Your Daddy. Turns out they are both awful dads, but you probably already knew that.

In emails, Dave tells the story of his Oktoberfest in Breese, IL back in 1994 (spoiler: it ends poorly), and the guys answer a question about what some one in Marketing does over the course of a game’s development cycle.

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Episode 70 – Dave Got Iced… Again

Turns out when you do an episode without a coherent theme, typing up show notes is kind of a chore. Imagine trying to tie together such disparate concepts/activities as the Plants v. Zombies board game, Witcher 3, fancy wine gadgets, and getting iced.


If we had achieved this feat we would have received a Pulitzer Prize, I shit you not. Our genius would have been recognized on the global stage. But, instead, we have what you’re reading now.

Oh! They also spent forever on emails. Why did I even get out of bed today?

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Episode 69 – New Year, New Resolutions

It’s the first Team GFB Radio of Twenty-Six-Teen! What does that mean?

More of the same, sadly.

Dave talks about travel.

The guys make some half-hearted resolutions.

They inject an ill-timed Her Story spoiler cast into the middle of this episode.

And to top it off, somehow Darryl is experiencing his first Steam sale.


Sorry, everyone. Maybe the guys will come up with some new stuff in 2017.

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