Episode 59 – Getting the Lighting Right

This edition of Team GFB Radio starts off with a fire remix of the OG theme from Nate! Good job by you Nate.

The guys get caught up on Darryl’s Disney exploits, some Destiny shenanigans, and go over Dave’s calendar¬†shoot before diving into a bunch of emails. Have you ever been curious about what lawyers in the Video Game industry do? Or, maybe, you want to know more about St. George Utah? No? You don’t give a shit about any of that? Well do you want to know how the US Air Force ended up selling a bunch old Midway games? If yes to this, we actually have no clue, so track down the answer and hit us up. The last two emails are travel related! The guys plan a vacation for someone¬†visiting America for the first time, and someone hitting up Chicago wants the deets on the best affordable eats in the city.

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Episode 58 – Team GFB Welcomes John Vignocchi

Darryl and Dave welcome Disney Infinity’s mouthpiece, John Vignocchi, to the show. Dave and JV talk a lot about their Midway days, and digress into a brief discussion regarding doxxing (purported) dear friends.

Outside of that stuff, Dave finishes up the Asia trip, and Dave and Darryl talk about their night out on the town in Orlando.

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Episode 57 – Together Again

Darryl and Dave are reunited for this episode, and the guys lay down a Certified Banger. It’s been awhile since the guys talked, so please bear with them as they spend the first five minutes of the show getting caught up on real life stuff.

Have you heard about the TeamGFB Subreddit? It’s jumping off and you should #jointheconversation. Head on over and cast your vote for the most essential episodes of Team GFB Radio.

After all that the episode starts proper, and the guys talk Orlando bars and restaurants, Star Wars Battlefield, Halo 5, Dave gives up a story about his and Adam Boyes’ early days at Midway, and then Dave resumes his recap of the Asia trip. He covers Kuala Lumpur, and most of Osaka, but somehow there’s still more Asia stories to tell. Tune into Episode 58 next week for the stunning conclusion.

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Episode 56 – The Jet Lag is Real

This was supposed to be a travel-heavy episode, but it turned into Dave and Darryl getting caught up in real-time. Darryl talked about his first Disney Adventure as a local, Darryl started to play Destiny (!), Dave’s Prius is on its last leg, and Dave provides his Stack Rank of all the Fast and Furious movies (5, 1, 4, 7, 2, 6, 3).

Finally, Dave picks up discussing his trip through SE Asia from two episodes ago with his last night in Tokyo, and the F1 weekend in Singapore. Tune in next week for the Kuala Lumpur, Osaka, and Kyoto stories I guess, because we ran out of time.

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