Episode 46 – We Gucci?

Lang and Felix try to recapture the magic from their appearance on Giant Bomb’s Big Live Live Show Live, and largely fail to meet that goal.

It’s an email heavy show, but that doesn’t mean the crew threw GFB traditions out the window. Lang gives a Sex in the Prius update, Felix drops a drunk travel story, Lang made Felix watch The Raid, and neither of them have an X12 or are moving to Orlando.

The email section covers a lot of ground, but all you really need to know is that Lang and Felix need to work on their timing for “WORLDWIDE.”

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Episode 45 – Ice To Meet You

With Benedict Arnold in transit to Orlando Florida, Dave was left to fend for himself this week; and lo! it was good.

Assisting Dave this week is Alex Rubens (@alexrubens, give him a follow, he’s a CCG) who has more cool jobs at the age of 21 than you have had your entire, miserable life. He’s cool like that.

Alex starts the show aggressively by bringing back a meme from 2007 before Dave regales you with tales from #Bitsummit, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Gion Matsuri.

In an unexpected turn of events, Alex turns Dave against United Airlines. 1k status is up for grabs: WHO WANTS IT MOST?

The CCG’s close out the show by answering some emails, wherein Paul tells Dave he should have been in the movie The Warriors, and Dave turns into a blubbery mess at the implications therein.

Thanks to Noah Sasso, aka @getdizzy for this week’s Team GFB Radio Theme Remix (REEEEEMMMMMIIIIIXXXX).

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Episode 44 – The Day the Phone Number Died


Hey all, in this episode Lang says a lot of mean things to Darryl, but it’s only because he’s going to miss him horribly. As he writes this a black, viscous fluid is pouring from his eyes.

But don’t fret because the show will go on! Darryl will be back on the air for episode 47! Huzzah, change is scary but we don’t care because change is for chumps and not #TeamGFBRadio.

Also in this show: Lang recaps E3, Disney’s California Adventure, and drops some gems on Michael in the email section.

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Episode 43 – Moving Day

REEEEMIIIIIIX The boys are back for their last day of face-to-face recording. Until the next time they record face-to-face, that is.

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