Episode 42 – Email Train

Dave was at E3 so prior to the events therein, the guys hastily cobbled together this all-email episode. Lots of advice for aspiring programmers, but also a fair share of random hijinks.

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Episode 40 – Here’s the plan: There is no Plan.

Dave and Darryl divulge the Dark Future for Team GFB Radio (P.S. it’s not dark and will probably be awesome).

Also, apologies for the Dark Open, what with Dave talking about how he didn’t help that wounded stranger, dead Cypress trees, and the First 48, etc. I’m not sure what got into us.

But, lo! Triumph is at hand. After all that, the guys gush about Dave’s trip to watch F1 in Montreal, Darryl upgrading to First Class, Kingsman (as viewed for free from First Class), Hitman: Sniper, and mother-fucking Poutine!

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Episode 39 – Clip Show

You never asked for it, but you’re getting it anyway!

Darryl and Dave got a curve ball thrown their way so in lieu of putting forth actual effort they slapped together a clip show! Did your favorite TeamGFBRadio moments make the cut? Find out!

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Episode 38 – Team GFB on the street

It’s a all-new type of Team GFB Radio. If you love it, awesome! If you hate it, blame Darryl who abruptly left town without notice!

With Darryl gone, and a bunch of people hanging out in the studio and drinking some beer, I decided to walk around with the Zoom Recorder and try to get people to say things they would one day later regret (with zero success).

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